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Lynn 16th Oct 2001 12:15

Anyone have info on the season schedules for Buffy/Angel??
Might sound funny, but sinec I've got a certain amount of control over where I go, I try to schedule trips to sites with good bandwidth to coincide with the airing of new eps!

So can anyone tell me when new eps versus repeats are scheduled for the season?

Thanks :)

lorne 16th Oct 2001 18:46

The scedule is only ever confirmed for 2 weeks in advance. As November I'm guessing both UPN and WB are going to break with tradition (of running to ep 9 before repeats) and run right though to ep 10 to allow 4 sweeps eps, This would almost certainly mean no new eps in December for Buffy or Angel. WB might - if there really are running Angel to the ground only have 3 new sweeps eps (they did this with the Feb sweeps and Roswell earlier in the year) which would mean ep 10 would air mid-december. Either way expect ep 11 mid January follwed by ep 12 then 13 starting the Feb sweeps. After ep 16 expect a long wait tillmid April when the season will run to an end.
The above is based on the preivious years patterns!

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