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Joss' Evil Plans for Xander (Spoilers up to 7.18)

Joss is Evil.

We all know it. We all preach it.

But evil in that good way... with the rug pulling, and the deaths and the cackling to himself in his office over random things that amuse him in evil ways.

It's a given.

So... for how long has he wanted to poke out Xander's eye? I just remember seeing a pattern about that boy and eyes!

I know, it was a shock at the time. But looking at the evidence I get the feeling that Joss has just wanted to mutilate Nick's pretty brown eyes for quite some time now.


The Puppet Show: Xander plays Oedipus... a man who gouges out his eyes after committing his crimes.

Halloween: Xander beats up a once eyed pirate to utter the phrase ""It's strange, but beating up that pirate gave me a strange scnese of closure." Yeah, I know it was Larry, but run with me and my insanity.

Dead Man's Party: Xander: it's all fun and games untils someone loses an eye

All the Way: Xander in full pirate costume, eyepatch and all.

So... no, we're not looking at any form of foreshadowing here I don't think... but I feel that Joss has always had a hankering to do this to Xander, but couldn't find the right time... hence the small continuity jokes there.... plus, as he isn't the strongest fighter in the world, having no depth perception might make things a tad harder for the poor fellow if this had happened in, say, Spiral...

So... for how long has Joss been planning Xanders eye loss... and is this REALLY the right time to have it happen, given that in the run of things there is likely to be very little coverage of it in upcoming episodes (ie "reflection for poor Mr Harris) due to the volume of "end of days" storyline they've got to fit in... it makes sense in a arc manner (ie consequences and reality), but does it make sense for the character of Xander himself who is likely to be never more after the next 4 episodes??

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