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Old 26th Sep 2004, 23:31   #1
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Coleen Rowley

Coleen Rowley's Memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller

As I was reading this letter, thoughts of Condileezza Rice testifying that the name of the August 6th PDB was "...something like 'bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S.'" Those two items along with many others prove to me...

The U.S. Government had the information to stop the September the 11th attacks but choose not to. Someone made a statement that I am bitter. With the knowledge that your government may highly likely be complicit in the murder of close to three-thousand of its and other nations citizens and that the President that failed the victims that day may soon be re-elected, who can blame one for being bitter.
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Old 27th Sep 2004, 08:22   #2
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One can only begin to imagine Coleen's frustration throughout this experience but I do believe she's hit the nail on the head in blaming FBI management personnel of careerism as opposed to your theory, Redvines, of complicity in the September 11th attacks. Even as an avowed Bush-hater I just can't pin that level of evilness on him or his administration.
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Old 28th Sep 2004, 01:25   #3
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Have you heard of the Bay of Pigs, Gulf of Tonkin, Watergate, Iram-Contra? All of these were perpetrated by either the U.S. Government or representatives of the government. Knowing the history, I will never be shocked at what the U.S. Government will do in its "interests."

This link and many others have too much information that may not show complicity but does opens one eyes that individuals in the govenment choose to ignore.
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Old 28th Sep 2004, 15:54   #4
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There are some interesting videos out there on the subject.

My favorite was "in plane site" by thepowerhour.com
you might also check out 911truth.org lot of stuff there.

I have looked into these things a bit... (Ive developed a little collection of these 911 videos)

There is definately a lot more there worth investigating. But I also believe it has been investigated. I think there are two 911 reports one we see one we will never see. Just as for every public hearing there was a closed session as well. Either way we will never know.

The evidence on the pentagon explosion is intriguing. I think there is enough out there to say that it is quite possible that flight77(the pentagon) and flight93(penn) were shot down. As much as it would have been acceptable for them to do it, I can see why the government would not want to admit to shooting down 2 passenger planes. But then the question is what hit the pentagon and who fired it.

I think it is easy to assume that these questions point to some government conspiracy and complicance in 911, But I dont really think there is enough there.

As far as the link.... Hindsight is pretty nice. But this information wasnt really new. I mean its out there. I dont think there is evidence anything was willfully ignored.

As far as the Aug 6 memo. Have you read it? Maybe you interpret it different but it sure seemed to be a history of alqueda, and thier plans for the US. Along with a paragraph showing that there were things going on and saying that the FBI was on top of them. I honestly see nothing in that document that calls on or calls for the president to act. If anything the president involving himself in ongoing FBI investigations would gum things up.

The titling is unfortunate in hindsight because it is used by Moore and others as propoganda. The memo was not an alert. The memo was a briefing, prepared at the request of the president on the ongoing threat that was alqueda. It showed this threat as being properly addesssed. He was doing his job in requesting the memo and seeing that progress was being made.
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